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Time-based mode

A time - based mode of service is indicated for companies having formed a strategic intent

in a certain market, either to develop business there or to  expand existing business. 

Time-based efforts are designed to fit in the time based targets your company has ,

all within its budget constraints. The exit strategy is also very clear in the  time based mode.

Operational Model

eXotake analyzes with you the markets and the family of services you wish to see deployed,

drafting a service agreement where the fixed parts are the deliverables you wish to obtain

and the time you wish to stay engaged in a very specific effort.

eXotake will assume the risk in terms of necessary resources to deploy to reach the deliverables agreed upon.



Charging model


We normally charge monthly by invoice for all time based service modes, regardless of the family of service deployed

Documents we supply to you

  • a quote  (return to eXotake with your approval )

  • a service agreement ( return to eXotake  with your approval )

  • a matrix of responsibilities

  • a binding  legal agreement ( return to eXotake  with your approval )

  • a non disclosure agreement ( return to eXotake  with your signature )




Working example


Company A has plotted a strategy to enter certain market with one of their solutions.

They have allocated a budget for the effort and set reasonable targets .

Their intent is to pursue new business, up-sell on some local existing accounts and grow 

their market footprint .Company A gives itself 18 months ( for the sake of this example) to reach the targets, after which time they will exit the region altogether.

Getting resources locally is out of the question, for cost and logistic reasons.

They chose eXotake to be  their time based channel partner - with the flexibility to revise the time

of engagement , to scale up or down the effort , to renew their agreement with us or to establish their company locally or to chose any other way of continuing in the specific market.

Company A sets the targets, eXotake takes upon itself the task of deploying the number or resources needed  to carry out the tasks and produce the deliverables.


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