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Hybrid mode services


Our hybrid mode of service is introduced to reflect the complexity of the marketplace, the multiplicity of solutions your company might bring and the variability 

of business conditions.

If you can imagine different levels of service needed in different market- countries

where you are just starting to explore and countries where you have accounts with monthly revenue to manage, markets where certain solutions are viable and others where they are not- then you need an ad - hoc service mode that will be a

combination of several modes, and that probably for multiple service families.

Operational model

A specific service agreement , highly detailed , will be offered.

Charging model

Due to the complexity and non standard nature of this service mode the charging model will be agreed upon on a case by case basis.

Documents we supply to you

  • a quote  (return to eXotake with your approval )

  • a service agreement ( return to eXotake  with your approval )

  • a matrix ( one or more ) of responsibilities

  • a binding  legal agreement ( return to eXotake  with your approval )

  • a non disclosure agreement ( NDA) ( return to eXotake  with your signature )

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