Getting to know each other.


We answer the basic questions you will have regarding the target markets, which are the areas where we propose our services 

We then introduce a two part questionnaire- a simple Yes/No part, followed by a quantitative part, to get to know your company

We provide answers to your questions...

What is the target market size ?

What is the 

ideal price point ?

...You reflect on the following points...

Question 1

Have you conducted any preliminary work in the region or target country in the past

Question 2

Do you currently rely on a regional channel partner

Question 3

Do you currently rely on a sales agent in overseas markets

Question 4

Did you rely on a regional sales agent in the past

Question 5

Do you have in your technical or sales team a Spanish or Portuguese speaking  member

Question 6

Is your decision to expand in a new market final or still pending approval

Question 7

Have you purchased any research material for background on the targeted countries

Question 8

Are you selling your product  bundled with ecosystem partners

Question 9

Have you already expanded to other developing countries outside your home base

Question 10

Has a budget been allocated for FY 2019 for new market development

Question 11

Did you set a minimum expected return in the first year of new market investment

Question 12

Do you have a fixed market share target and a growth target for the  new market (s)

Question 13

Do you have an existing pipeline of opportunities in the target region

Question 14

Do you track your prospects in a CRM tool such as

Question 15

Is your development team decentralized in more than one location

Question 16

Are you expanding in any other markets beyond Latin America and Southern Europe

Question 17

Did you ever exit from a newly opened market for any reason

Question 18

Are you prepared -after budget allocation-to see the first return only after the first full FY

Question 19

Is your company based in the United States

Question 20

Is your company part of a large or multi national group

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Question 1

Quantify ( approximately) your budget allocation for business development .

from 0$, 50K, 100K, 150k, >200K

Question 2

Quantify( approximately) your expected return in 1 year in a new market

0$, 50K, 100K, 150k, >200K

Question 3

Quantify(approximately) the specific investment in local requirements 

and customizatons  0$, 50K, 100K, 150k, >200K

Question 4

What is your perceived degree of product readiness for specific local deployment

Select 1 for far from ready to 5 for fully compliant and ready to deploy.

Question 5

Quantify ( approximately) your marketing budget for Business development 

0$, 5K, 20K, 40K, >50K)

Question 6

What is your current level of yearly sales from established markets

Select 0, 500K,1M, 5M, >10M)

Question 7

What is your current level of sales volumes growth year over year

(0% or less, 5%, 10%, 25%, >50%)

Question 8

What was the FY 1 level of sales in markets outside your home market

Select 0$, 50K, 100K, 150k, >200K)

Question 9

What has been your headcount growth over the past FY

Select 1 for 0 or negative, 2 for 5 adds, 3 for 10 adds, 4  for 15 adds, 5 for >20 adds

Question 10

What percentage of your revenues can be attributed to recurring

sales and maintenance contracts?

Select 0%, 5%, 10%, 15%, >20%

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If you wish you may  complete the attached survey                 and either save it for our discussion or   email it to us