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Our customers and their segments

Developing markets throughout Latin America are on the same trend line, with occasionally higher growth rates for
the adoption of streaming services.

High mobile penetration rates , social connectivity and the novelty effect complete the picture and explain
the significant push towards mobile video.

Our customers in the Media Entertainment technology operate within this framework,enabling the consumer,
preserving the investment of operators in infrastructure and content, opening new revenue streams and
at the same time protecting and enhancing existing ones.

Social media plays a significant role in our Latin American markets where formats, packaging and delivery of video
all take cue from the US and other developed markets but evolve in different settings and with different constraints.
The available broadband  infrastructure, price pressures, ARPU and disposable income, speed of technology adoption
play a crucial role .

We support customers in the key segments of Acquisition and Production, Distribution and Delivery, Management systems
as part of a constantly evolving value network .

If ,like ourselves, you see opportunities in the segments we address,  contact us .

acquisition and production


Capture accessories, devices and Software

Metadata Capture


Digital News Solutions

distribution and delivery


Advertising  |  Analytics  |  Media sale solutions

Connected TV  |  Streaming Media devices

OTT  |  Hybrid/IPTV

Streaming media devices  |  Mobile TV apps

Content delivery Network

Content Discovery Solutions

Streaming  |  Webcasting

Test and measurement equipment  |  QoS

management systems


Digital asset management and storage

Digital Rights Management  |  Content Protection

Search  |  Metadata Software  |  Applications

Workflow Software and Solutions

Video  |  Content Servers  |  Video Processing

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