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Resource-based mode


Our resource-based mode of service is highly recommended for companies with a developed strategic plan for certain markets, that have allocated a budget and made  preliminary sales forecast,

currently without a presence in the market or in the region they are targeting and / or 

preferring to  operate- through a regional business partner.

eXotake allocates specialized resources to you .

Your company retains a high degree of control on all the actions carried out in the region and in

the markets as it controls the resources deployed.


Operational model

eXotake  ensures the skill level of the selected resources, replaces them upon request - no questions asked- manages them for all legal aspects, takes care of their remuneration and their labor related obligations .

We are in essence your resource´s line managers and you are the  task ( or project ) supervisor.

You can select to have a certain resource allocated exclusively to your efforts.

This means a maximum  95 % time allocation, as we always reserve 5% for the necessary administrative tasks .

Alternatively, and according to the business demands, you can select a partial time allocation of the resource and in the service agreement you can specify exclusion clauses for companies (competitors) you do not want to share your resources with.


Charging model

We invoice monthly for all resource based mode services.

Documents we supply to you

  • a quote  (return to eXotake with your approval )

  • a service agreement ( return to eXotake  with your approval )

  • a matrix of responsibilities

  • a binding  legal agreement ( return to eXotake  with your approval )

  • a non disclosure agreement ( return to eXotake  with your signature )



Working example


Company A  needs a person ( or a team) in a certain country away from their headquarters

to carry out a number of tasks such as ,for example , managing accounts, invoicing,

up-selling on existing accounts.

Finding, hiring, motivating, monitoring such an individual, at the same time complying

with local obligations -can quickly become very expensive , strategically not advisable.

Within the segment where we have specific competences ,eXotake  makes specialists ( sales, pre-sales, account manager, technical support)  available to you .

We make sure that the allocated persons satisfy your requirements, we monitor their performance,

we  replace them if need be. We constantly screen a number of candidates and our network

of worldwide partners does the same .

We eliminate Company A´s  risk and uncertainty of picking an individual




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