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Task-based  mode


Our task based mode of service is ideally suited for companies that want to retain a high degree

of control on the actions carried out on their behalf in certain markets.

As it is sometimes the case, there exist countries and markets where a number of situations have to

be taken care of , where specific customers need attention, where a number of  business development actions was carried out in the past and it now requires very actions to be continues to fruition.

eXotake proposes to carry out those actions you require, defined and clearly agreed upon in our service agreement.

Operational  model

You communicate to eXotake  the markets where you want us to carry out certain actions

and produce the deliverable  belonging to our families of services.

We will clearly dimension this effort with you and formulate a precisely scoped  service agreement.

The task based mode leaves at our discretion - and at our complete risk - the level of resources

to deploy in order to produce the  deliverables according to the service agreement.

Charging model

eXotake  charges monthly or quarterly for this mode of services, depending on the extent

of the effort and on the target markets themselves.

Documents we supply to you

  • a quote ,return to eXotake approved

  • a service agreement ,return to eXotake  approved

  • a matrix of responsibilities

  • a binding  legal agreement ,return to eXotake  signed

  • a non disclosure agreement ,return to eXotake  signed



Working example

Consider Company A that relied in the past on local partners and has acquired business in a certain country away from their headquarters.

For some reason the local partner is no longer available to manage account on behalf of company A, nor to develop more business nor to support Company A in its marketing efforts.


eXotake  exchanges a non disclosure agreement with Company A, possibly some exclusivity clauses of representation .After adequate training by Company A,  eXotake  fills in the required needs, developing business, managing the accounts, specifically supporting the marketing efforts .

We pick up where former local partner left off .

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