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LEAD   Follow - up

If your go-to market strategy is centered  on In-bound marketing  , or you are
selectively participating  in regional trade shows and making contacts
and  you will generate leads.
These  tips and leads might lie far away from your general area of operations,
or from your salespeople´s territories or from your agents´ territories

If you have  had lead generation that was carried out in the past,
maybe by a member of your team who left or by someone you hired temporarily
and it resulted in some interesting opportunities that you want to follow up,
this is the service you need


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Allowable cost per lead

Let us estimate  the allowable cost for a lead originating from a marketing campaign

a)Cost per inquiry (campaign cost / # responses)

b)Average cost to qualify an inquiry (lead management costs / inquiries per year)

c)Total cost per inquiry qualified (a + b)

d)Lead qualification rate  ( X % )

e)Cost of qualified lead (c / d)

f)Lead conversion rate  ( Y %)

g)Cost of a closed lead (e /f)

h)Net value per order

i)Net margin per lead ( h-g )

s)Direct sales expenses


Allowable cost per lead = (net margin per order – direct sales expense )


ACL=h-g-s = h-(e/f)-s=h-((c/d)/f)-s

ACL = h-( (a + b) / (f *d) )-s


Setting your product or solution price determines h 

Properly structuring your costs determines s


To maximize the allowable cost per lead having fixed these two elements we need to control ( keep low) the sum (a+b) , maximizing f * b : that is to say, low cost per inquiry, low cost to qualify an inquiry, 

high lead qualification rate and high lead conversion rate give rise to a higher tolerable cost per lead.

Contact and follow-up are  sometimes made difficult by language barriers, a different business culture, different time zones.


eXotake eliminates those barriers for you, in the markets we know, in the areas of expertise that we offer and relying on the network we have in place.

How we can help

Our agents in several countries are ready to take over and continue pursuing those initial contacts you made.
We can offer Lead follow-up as a stand alone module, feeding back to you the results of our contacti with your  prospects, or else you may select the service as part of  the larger family of business development .
A lead is always the valuable first stepping stone and it might take you very far .

As it appears , knowing the allowable cost per lead a-priori is a function of the predictability of cost levels for the entire process : that is precisely how we can help.

To understand in which countries we offer the service, for which technology segments and to receive a quote based on the scope and the duration of our engagement please refer to our complete service map .


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