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Subscription based mode

Our subscription based mode of service is ideally suited for companies that are not quite ready

to make a full commitment  to a new market. They probably have some initial evidence

that their products and solutions might be a great fit in a certain  market or possibly they just have

a macro picture and assume there might be a demand to uncover.

eXotake proposes to enroll your company in one or more families of service of your choice

under the subscription mode: this includes  coordinating  with our regional partners , distributors, resellers, VaRs, System Integrators.

We will conduct periodic sweeps in the market where you are interested ,deploying,

at our discretion, some of our service modules, reporting periodically our progress to you.

Your company will check and reassess constantly the results of our prospecting and might decide to increase its efforts to develop business in a dedicated manner or abandon them altogether.

Operational  model

You select the markets where you want us to carry out  certain families of services and we will do so , completely at our discretion for  resources deployed and time invested .

We will sign a service agreement with you with specific deliverables that will be made available to you .

Charging model

We will charge you a monthly fee to supply the requested services.

You can cancel your service at any point in time , no penalties will be charged.

Documents we supply to you

  • a quote  (return to eXotake with your approval )

  • a service agreement ( return to eXotake  with your approval )

  • a binding  legal agreement ( return to eXotake  with your approval )

  • a non disclosure agreement ( return to eXotake  with your signature )




Working example

Consider Company A looking at the ensemble of LATAM markets to possibly export their solutions.

A targeted , dedicated effort is not contemplated, however Company A wishes to capture opportunities that might arise. eXotake devises a mix of business development, lead follow up, marketing support , actions , based on its experience and regional contact availability .We exchange a non disclosure agreement with Company A, familiarize ourselves with the solution and start soliciting business for it, completely on our terms. Company A subscribes to the service .eXotake reports monthly its progress

and when a concrete business opportunity matures Company A can decide the best way to pursue it ,including -of course-but not limited to- choosing a dedicated service from our families.


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