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You built an exceptional solution, formed a strategy to present it ,

to emphasize its unique value, to reach your customers and address their  demand.

Whichever your model,  several aspects of marketing will be universal 
and globally compatible while others will be very specifically driven by the local context,
the market forces, competition, your appeal factor,
your positioning vis-a-vis and existing ecosystem of technical and commercial partners.
Our marketing support is a two tier proposition:
understanding what is global and what is local 
"tropicalizing"  what needs to have a local look and feel 

You might have an existing solution in a new market ,or a new solution in a new market,

or a new solution in an existing market.


Do you believe that in any of these situations  actions to raise the awareness about your solution are needed ? You might be aware that the cost of marketing can be highly variable and the ways to be effective ( hit rate) are strongly dependent on local customs, business culture.
You deserve a localized, carefully structured  marketing message - the correct mix of  remote or web based marketing  with physical presence  is  effective to the extent that the message resonates with your target audience.
Either in B2B mode or even more so in B2C mode you shall not assume that  one message fits all when you are crossing your borders to overseas markets.

How we can help

We have a structure in place in many countries to represent your solution adequately
at a number of events  or trade fairs you have identified- or at those that we might help you
identify if you wish us to do so.
Translation of your material ( more than a simple linguistic effort) and local adaptations, organization of roadshows and workshops, publications in the  local press ,follow up on
specific campaigns are all part of our marketing support services.
You might require our service as a stand alone module or as part of a larger orchestrated effort
to develop business in a specific region, across certain verticals and in a defined period of time.
To fully understand the scope of service we offer and to help you select the depth
of your marketing engagement  please refer to our complete service map .



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