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Business  development 

Business development is the cornerstone of opening a new market.
It is a well articulated phase of market and relationship development, to give you
a profound understanding of trends, the appeal factor, the suitability of your solution,
both form a technical and commercial viewpoint.
We offer business development as a  two way channel , giving you the all important measures of the market and letting the market itself feed back to your team the needs
for any and all kind of adjustments your approach need to implement 
to be a successful one.
A GO decision was made to penetrate a new market .
A continually revised basis is the  opportunity cost assessment coupled with
the sizing  of  the necessary investment to develop the business.
Our key contribution is the local perspective on both points and the frequency of revision that we offer. 
Your company might have an existing footprint it wishes to expand ,in adjacent markets or with complementary solutions.
The scope of work included in  Business Development  includes  the assessment of marketability .
Developing your business in foreign markets means :
  • directly assessing potential demand volumes ( by  TOUCHING the prospect customer)

  • clearly mapping  opportunities ( by talking to the  decision makers)

  • gaining awareness of the growth potential of each prospect

  • fitting your proposal with trusted  local technology partners  

  • frequenting  local events and trade fairs  

  • performing S.W.O.T. analysis

  • determining and reassessing  all the  technological risks ,frequently

  • feeding back all assessment results to your product management team

  • recommending  local initiatives  for tax credits and development incentives

eXotake, as your business partner, will design a comprehensive business development service agreement, in the mode that you select, specifying these actions very clearly.
You can count on the following minimum set of deliverables if you choose to develop business through eXotake  (applicable to time -based and  task-based modes):
  • segments of  opportunities identified and reported in  ZoHo

  • customer contacts ,roles identified , reported to you

  • possible Integrators  and desired technology partners qualified and selected locally

  • cashboard reporting ( based on MS PowerBI) to seamlessly manage the  new region 


How we can help

The key advantage point for you is the high level of predictability of your investment for business development, coupled with the seamless management of a new region
integrated in your existing global structures.
You might have markets and territories where you are already directly present
and then some you are developing:
you choose a dedicated mode of services ( time or task based),
we will integrate our reporting methods, periodicity, level of information with yours.
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