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Assess   Marketability 

If you product/solutions sells relatively easily in your home markets, this does not necessarily mean it will have the same uptake abroad.
To the same token, parts of your portfolio of services or solutions
that are not a top favorite in your home market may well be
your winning cards in certain foreign markets.

Awareness comes first .
It is a consequence of assessing the marketability and estimating
the necessary customization that might be worth putting in place
to make your product a winner.

Market consideration are not to be confused
with technology considerations : leave the market specific work to us.

For the technology consideration remember that our team understands the finer technical aspect and we are ready to help - compliance, type approval, prototyping can be part of this service.

What are the key market requirements for a product or a solution 

Like the one you provide?

eXotake is well equipped to give you an accurate assessment on the marketability of your products or solutions.


You may discover obstacles to the product or solution you bring that are unimaginable in your home market.


To the same extent you might find out that your offering  far exceeds the potential customers´ expectations

even in its most basic form- in which case we will quickly point out how to monetize your advantages.

Whichever way the marketability assessment goes, it is an essential first step and the centerpiece

of a well informed GO / No GO decision, especially for those companies that never ventured beyond their borders.

As you know your competitors´products and solutions well enough we will set up a comparative focused on the new markets  : it will be the starting block.

In eXotake it is our practice to treat the marketability assessment with the utmost objectivity- a real due diligence, rather than a simple clearance for deployment of other services - either from our own portfolio or with third parties.

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