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SALES  Operations

Covering all steps from a qualified, mature opportunity

ready to generate a sales contract to locally managing invoicing ,

revenue repatriation, contract compliance for you as well as

the necessary technical compliance to have your product in a certain market.


Sales operation is an articulate family of services offered by eXotake,
the crucial step to open new revenue streams and maintain them.
Depending on the situation eXotake could be working side by side with
your existing sales organization globally and locally- as well as
with some local agents or other partners you might have.

How we can help

All the described  situations are possible and we will recommend the best service mode
but the final decision is yours.
Sales operations from eXotake are seamlessly integrated in your sales organization ,
meaning that all reporting, its periodicity and depth, the latitude for negotiating decisions,
all is agreed upon in our service contract and constantly revised.
Our sales agents on the ground are trained specifically in your technology and we will deploy
the resources you approve and replace them when they are satisfying your criteria.
In our dedicated service modes ( task-based, time-based and resource based )
eXotake will effectively be your sales arm for the market / product of target.
Regardless of where the leads came from or who built up the funnel of opportunities we will strive
to bring leads to close and fit with your strategy- market growth, profit growth .

Our sales operations use at the source a group of opportunities defined beforehand and constantly evolving. We maintain the quality of the sales funnel of opportunities guided by the following criteria:

  1. Number of opportunities in the funnel .

  2. The rate at which you are acquiring these opportunities – or arrival rate.

  3. The total weighted funnel value. ($)

  4. Average life time of prospects in the sales funnel  - or flow rate (days).

  5. Average percentage of closes - or win rate

We can take care of ALL the intricacies  of bringing a product into a foreign market ;
as a practice we will always make you aware of all steps we need to take .
We operate in compliance with the most stringent ethics rules in ALL markets.
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