You are ...

You are a start-up company, in traction, refinement or scaling phase.
You are  aware of the imperative to go global, you are convinced your solution can be a game changer but you have only always made sales by web contact exclusively.
You have limited sales capability or resources. You have never worked with a channel partner.
You are a well reputed  player in your home markets, you recently started looking at the possibility of expanding your reach as some of your competitors have  made this move and your are confident your offering will be met with  sales and new customers outside your traditional sphere.
You are assessing if your sales team can be extended or if you should rely on a channel partner 
You are a mature organization, facing possibly saturated home markets, seeking growth in selected countries that you have evaluated and perhaps frequented in the past with some prospecting or with specific marketing actions.
You can work with a channel partner
and you may want to retain a high degree of control
on results, reporting and methods.
You are a global organization, one that possibly has been doing business in our regions for some time, looking to expand rapidly to face demand or
to replace an existing local person or partner,
possibly creating local corporate entities in the future.
You might already  have a fully established local corporate presence and direct sales where we operate .