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You are ...

3D Round Objects
3D Spheres
You are a start-up company,
in traction, refinement or scaling phase.
You are  aware of the need to go global,
you are convinced your solution can be
a game changer but you have only always used inbound marketing  and sales.
You have limited sales capability or resources. You have never worked with

a channel partner.
You are a well reputed  player in your home markets, you recently started looking at the possibility of expanding your reach as some of your competitors have  made this move 
You are assessing if your sales team can be extended or if you should rely
on a channel partner .
You are a mature organization, seeking growth in selected countries that you have evaluated and perhaps frequented in the past.
You can work with a channel partner
and you may want to retain a high degree of control
on results, reporting and methods.
You are a global organization, one that possibly has been doing business in our regions for some time, looking to expand rapidly to face demand or
to replace an existing local person or partner,
possibly creating local corporate entities in the future.
You might already  have a fully established local corporate presence and direct sales.

Sales in a new market measure success  in a new market ​.


Our services  are designed to give you access, new  contacts and opportunities,

to mediate cultural differences. We can evangelize your innovative solution on your behalf,

we can track and report the  opportunities, we can help you invoice and chase payments.

We are equally skilled to report and feed  information and insight back  to you on product management issues - recognizing idiosyncratic aspects  and helping your assessment of possible adaptation costs 

For some of your profiles we propose  service sketches  based largely on our experience with companies in each group  that we are either currently serving or have served in the past.

Our customers have  varying degrees of engineering , marketing, sales capabilities  and

take a different position when considering an overseas or new market expansion.

Complement the sketches  with a quote  request  or  take the  approach to designing your service by:

  1. taking our survey  to give us a high resolution picture of where you stand 

  2. getting in touch with us 

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