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ACCOUNT  Management 

Under the wide umbrella of account management  we include several activities, from purchase order management to billing, invoicing,quality follow-up
and after sales actions,
R.F.P. and R.F.Q. management on existing customers.

You may need them all or a subset: the choice is yours.

The account manager is oftentimes the first point of contact for several
project related issues, regardless of the project organization:
this may vary according to the local business culture.

eXotake can manage existing accounts you already have as easily as it works on accounts it created for you as a result of a business development and sales effort. 
Account management by eXotake can be  seamlessly integrated in your sales organization :this is immediate if your selected mode of service is resource based
but it can also be easily implemented in the other modes.  
Our goal is to provide your company  with a healthy stream of recurring sales , 
good reference  cases in the countries and in the region where your accounts are and a validation of your approach in each specific market.


How we can help

Our account management support can be best measured by looking at the following criteria

  1. High number of recurring purchases from customer.

  2. High customer satisfaction levels ( measured according to your own criteria)

  3. High accuracy and timeliness of invoicing

  4. Low number of escalated complaints from customer

  5. High number of referrals provided by your customers

We design our account management support in line with th epoints above.Always!
We operate in compliance with the most stringent ethics rules in ALL markets.
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