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LOCAL   operations

Sales, account management,invoicing, revenue repatriation, compliance and monitoring, hiring locally,importing hardware,
offering software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service,
Platform as a Service in compliance with the legislative framework .
If the range of services you need is vast and your set up times
are short the quickest route may be:

Assign a managed services contract to eXotake
Subsequently take over  the responsibility for strategic management
Keep the region (Country) in managed services mode.

There is no standard way to roll out local operations and therefore we do not proposed any simplified approach: we just invite you to highlight your needs - country, time frame, scope of services  and
we will dimension the operation for you.

What are the costs of  running  a new region  as managed services operation ?  

eXotake iakes you through the process of comparing the possible scenarios:


  • going into a region with your own means,

  • selecting and combining a number of services according to your needs ( could be a vast range of services)

Assigning the new region and its profit and loss responsibility to  eXotake



We highlight risk/reward for any of the scenarios  and you will make an informed decision.

Your company can take back control directly as you see fit.

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