Your goal : conquering  new markets 

Intelligent Strategy

Strong Execution

Adapted  Strategy

An innovative product, portable to enter new markets, ready to meet demand,fully supported ,

with great references  

The correct pricing modes , a relevant set of functionalities and a clear value proposition , adaptability to the target tier of the prospects.

Proven road map of development for mature solutions or a clear disruptive potential for new solutions

Localized  Implementation

An adequate base of recognition for the product in the target market and  globally.

Customized solution and feature descriptions, high level of audience awareness

Understanding of partner appeal factors, pricing policies,objections and sources of reticence.

Adequate value proposition presentation -unique to the new market

Your questions and strategic choices

How  to


with my prospects

eXotake is your  single interface to address all these concerns



We make it possible for you to independently select your service mode and your service family. 

The selection of service mode will be driven  by the depth of engagement you wish to have ,

The selection of the family of services will be determined by your position in the new market.

Most  combinations of Service Mode and Service Family are possible.

The  main reason why you choose to rely on eXotake :


we can guide you every step of the way in estimating and re-assessing how much you

will have to invest to get from idea to revenue in a new market .

We will show you the cost to acquire it and the lifetime value of a customer in our region : 

The key piece in the puzzle when you decide when, how and how much to invest.

Select Service Mode

Lowest investment, quickest deployment, scales up to

other service modes

Targets  for your

business development and revenue generation

at lower risk 

Precise control of service deliverables and investment

in a new region

Integrate a flexible, trained team member

in your new region ,

for total control

  Get the  service LEVEL you need       

  Get the  service SCOPE you need   

Select Service Family

How much should you invest to acquire a new customer and what is its value to you?


Have those estimations as clear as possible before you decide to enter a new market.

Assessing the marketability of your product and solution will guide you to  a GO / No GO decision regarding a new market.

Our Business development services,

starting from zero or following up

on some of your existing leads,are designed to give

you a good level of predictability for the required investment levels -start up to mature phase.

The marketing support, giving you a scan of relevant events and occasions for exposure, is designed to maximize the effectiveness of your message.

Get all the elements you need to evaluate your risk reward and start mapping the opportunities that fit in your long term strategy with our help.

Customer Acquisition Cost 

Consider three main components of CAC :

  • Cost to develop product

  • Cost to market and sell product

  • Cost to maintain and support product

The internal view ,applied to new markets, 

brings the first question :


what are the adaptation costs ( if any) to market and sell my existing product in a new market ?

if a new , potentially promising market is considered, brings the second question :

What are the costs to raise awareness

for my product ?

What path to  take to generate revenue?

How long are the sales cycles?

What is radically different ?

You have now a clear product development plan,

a marketing plan and a sales budget.

You can fully assume you will be realizing sales and recurring revenue .You should ask yourself

What level of support can I guarantee to my customers , what road map of development can be considered satisfactory and will ensure repeated sales?

Customer Lifetime Value

Customer lifetime value (CLTV) can be expressed as:


CLTV=  GC * ( 1 / (1+d-r))

GC  is a gross contribution  fixed across a certain period of time

d       is the discount rate (cost)

      is the retention rate (cost)

We help you maximize the allowable cost per lead by  keeping the cost per inquiry and the cost to qualify an inquiry LOW,the lead qualification rate and the lead conversion rate HIGH .

You can measure the impact of our services on the retention rate and on the allowable cost per lead  - and maximize the Gross Contribution with adequate account management ...then make a decision to select services and their mode.

Results  you can expect

You made an informed decision on which market

to enter or  avoid, which customer prospect tier to target.

You have a clear quantitative representation  of your

customer acquisition costs since  you know your internal cost and you have transparency on the product  adaptation, marketing and sales costs

Your successfully deployed business development

and marketing efforts have originated a quality pipeline

of opportunities.


Your sales operations resulted in deals closed and won

You achieved significant market traction and are considered appealing to local partners



By managing your accounts with eXotake account management services your running costs are predictable ;you are also constantly on top of up-selling opportunities


If you reach expressive revenue targets you can move ahead and establish a local corporate presence and eXotake can deliver on this side as well