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eXotake offers a complete suite of professional services,
from market prospection to business development,
sales negotiation, account management, corporate support.

eXotake  is a team of specialists, focusing on the
Media Entertainment Technology ecosystem.
Gain access to new markets , select your engagement level,
fully control  your investment.

Explore the existing opportunities and evaluate your risks and return at every step of your journey when working with e

Media                         Entertainment


Local service teams

Fast deployment  

Clearly scoped services

Fits your budget

eXotake - our ways




eXotake provides a full range of professional services to support your company´s expansion to manage growth to establish local operations in overseas markets.

Our network of partners and extensive portfolio can serve your needs in several countries

where we have either a direct presence or an affiliate company.


Our goal is to introduce innovative companies with great solutions to new markets,

providing world class services that are normally the prerogative of large companies

with substantial corporate budgets, at competitive rates.

We offer our services organized in modules.

You choose the entry point , select targets, set engagement level  and define the exit strategy. 


If you only targeted domestic  markets , you will  be surprised by opportunities overseas.


We want to show you the path to those markets is  easier than you imagine,

within reach of a small company or a mid sized one with a limited exploratory budget.


Our offering is streamlined  to fit your investment level and budget

to take you  as quickly as possible from prospecting to sales .

Over the years and with some of our  partners  we have  brought

innovative solutions  into new markets.

We want to show you that most markets are  well within your reach ,doors can be opened.

Many aspects of what you are developing and selling every day command  attention

and a  level of interest  often surpassing what you are able to get in your  home markets.

We serve the Latin America markets with presence in  several countries .

Our teams are permanently located on the field in every country where we operate.

Contact us to find out what we can do for you. 





Our customers bring solutions ranging from content contribution to distribution, Media Asset Management, content delivery and consumption, analytics ,OSS and billing ,orchestration and remote workflow, 

customer premises equipment .


The typical customer requesting our services is

  • a small to mid-size company

  • with a great solution already being sold in its market of origin

  • plotting a strategy for  overseas growth AND/OR

  • in need to manage local operations and existing account far away from their HQ.

eXotake - our customers

Our key differentials are the flexibility to deploy services , the predictability of our scope of work ,

a clear matrix of responsibility the transparent charging model and the ample network

of partners we count on.

Our standard service agreements set the expectations, specify unequivocally our engagement,

help you define your resource investment and your exit strategy.


In our high customer touch context, we provide you with the key interface with business cultures

not immediately compatible with your own. Gain presence, customer affinity, accountability with us.

Our  vision :  


Innovative solutions sold overseas require a push to overcome the  initial barriers to then find:

  • relatively unexplored markets

  • scarcity, driving demand and profit 

  • a less strict regulatory environment


Our mission:   


To get you across the initial obstacles in overseas markets - providing the "activation" energy.

Get over the hump with eXotake.


Ask yourselves some of the preparatory questions we have put together.


An easy way to select your services is to follow our suggestions based on your company´s phase.

In the About You section, pick the group where you feel you belong

and check the suggested service packages we are proposing.


Alternatively, tell us the service type and the engagement mode you wish and the territory:

we will prepare with you the service agreement.


See the service descriptions and send us a quote request, including your comments.

We will promptly be in touch with our results and evaluations .


Let´s have a chat

Select Time ( US PST )

Thank you for your request - we will confirm soon

Exotake LLC - 800 E Cypress Creek Rd. 
33334 Fort Lauderdale FL (USA)
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