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01  /   Developing                   

You are a reputed player with a solid revenue stream in your home market.

Your solutions are recognized and you have references in different projects. Your product is scalable and you are confident you can adapt

to local requirements as you have done  before. 

02  /   Positioning                    

Your current  model is centered on selling your product and your services directly and through long standing relationships with agents and partners

in your traditional markets.

You are open to  marketing and prospecting outside your traditional area

of operation .You might want to have a trial period before you commit

your own sales force and you need to reach some encouraging  milestones 

to deepen your involvement in a new geography.

You may be skeptical of different business cultures and sales modes.

03  /  Go  to Market               

There are definitely  substantial opportunities for a reputed solution

that is adequately supported.

The main obstacles - language of offering, market perception, complexity, awareness of your solution, scalability, need to be evaluated within the frame

of Customer Acquisition Costs and Customer Lifetime Value.

In a new market we can help you with specific knowledge and tailor-made service packages: please see hereby.

If your strategic approach is consolidated, then you should:

compose your own service                                         Exotake will supply an optimized scope of work.

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