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01  / Developing

You have developed an innovative solution, possibly a cloud based one, easy to scale and to support .Your company is a strong team of engineers  with very few salespeople , starting to gain acceptance and recognition.

Investors and potential partners and customers are showing a lot of interest in what you bring.

02  /   Positioning 

Your current go-to-market model is centered on selling your product and your services through online contacts. Customers find you online,

you may offer Proofs of Concept and your sales cycles are relatively short.

You are comfortable going global and you evaluate new markets but

you are currently not actively pushing sales. You are open to some

demand-driven marketing and prospecting.

Your marketing and business development  budget is limited .

03  /  Go to market 

There may be substantial opportunities that you are not addressing, 

they may be hidden by certain factors such as  language ,

market perception, complexity, awareness .

We propose to help you discover  our markets , please see the resources we have available for companies just like you are.

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