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01  /   Developing     

You are a mature organization, leader in your home market, with a proven, widely adopted solution.You have developed a wide compatibility with many ecosystem elements and are confident you can reach even wider adoption .

02  /   Positioning   

You sell directly and indirectly, through technology partners

as well as channel partners.

You have a strong product development group ,pre-sales and sales team.

03  /  Go to Market      

You want to deploy to our region quickly to match of anticipate a competitor´s move.You may not be fully organized yet for a new region and diverse business cultures and you need a quickly deployed sales force that you may one day incorporate in your team or expand.You may need to manage an account locally for a sale you realized from your global HQ to our region

or you might be close to a sale and need a push with local resources to stay close to your prospect. You should  compose your own service   with our help if none of the packaged services satisfy your specific needs.

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