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01  /   Developing     

You bring an articulate suite of products and solutions that have gained worldwide recognition and are adopted by many large players in different countries.You are a technology leader and you drive a rich ecosystem of technology partners .Your solution is integrated in many different realities.

02  /   Positioning   

You sell directly and indirectly, through technology partners as well as channel partners.You have a strong product development group ,pre-sales and sales team , multi-cultural and deployed in several countries.

03  /  Go to Market      

You want to deploy to our region either to strengthen your existing presence or to meet the targets of demanding projects or to support your team with specific actions .You need to outsource for speed of deployment or to exit quickly and cost effectively.

We invite you to select the mode of engagement and required service to compose your own service    tailored to your needs.                       Exotake can help in optimizing your scope of work.

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